The Round House History

The Round House in Church Street, Melksham, SN12 6LS was built in the early 18th century as a Wool Drying House. It was heated by an iron stove, with a flue pipe leading to a hole at the top of the roof cone to take the smoke out of the drying area. Radiating out from the centre to the walls were wooden beams covered with wooden slating, over which the scoured wool was hung. Earlier drying mechanisms were either wind stoves, with perforated stonework or brickwork, or the wool was laid on the ground in the open air.

It was later used as an Armoury by the local Volunteer Riffle Corps.

It has also been stated that it has been used as an animal feed store.

As time progressed the wonderful Round House in Melksham became the Tourist Information Centre and Melksham Museum. Early 1980's - 1994

We also know that it was 'The House of Iron' before 2007 and as it's name suggest sold handmade iron goods. 'The House Of Iron' was taken over in 2007 but still remained a shop that sold local handmade iron goods.

Paul Horne Photography opened the Round House in 2011 as a Photography and Arts And Craft Shop. 20011 - 2012

It has also been more recently Komix and Bookasuarus, a comic and children's book shop. 2012 - 2018

The Round House in Church Street Melksham is now Ellie's Natural Health, Arts And Crafts. We have a lovely mezzanine level where you can have pampering treatments and a quaint little gift shop on the lower level. A warm welcome awaits you if you wish to pop in a have a look at this historical building.

What Melksham People Remember About the Round House In Church Street

People are popping in to visit us in the Round House in Church Street, Melksham to feedback to us their memories of this fantastic historical building. Here is what one of them had to say:

  • "I remember being able to run all of the way around the Round House. I can remember getting told off by my mother for doing so. I also remember it being border up and empty but not derelict."

If you are a Melksham person and would like to share with us your memories of the Round House, Church Street, Melksham then send us an email or pm us on Facebook or just pop in.

Images of the Round House in Church Street, Melksham, SN12 6LS

The Round House
The Round House
The Round House
The Round House
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