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If you are feeling unsure in these times of uncertainty and change, and are looking for guidance then my card readings are designed to offer you a roadmap and to point you in the right direction for your desired outcome.

So you have come along to our Card Reading page so let me explain a little bit about how I will work with you to produce your reading!

  1. Before we begin your reading we will have a quick introduction whilst I shuffle the cards.
  2. I will ask you to relax and take some nice deep breaths.
  3. When you feel ready I will ask you to say stop and this card will be picked for your reading.
  4. We will do this together another 2 or more times.
  5. I will read the cards to you for guidance in this moment in time.

Each Card Reading I do is individual and personal to you only.

Please note that the Card Reading is for guidance and should not replace professional advice.

For email readings, I will ask that you send me your photo I will read the cards as if you were present.

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