Aromatherapy is the use of Essential Oils to balance the physical, spiritual and emotional health. Oils are massaged into the skin to promote healing. Aromatherapy treats many conditions of the body and emotions. Some of the conditions that can be treated are as follows: • Grief • Eating Disorders • Hormone Imbalance • Depression • Anxiety and Stress • Anger and Fear • Insomnia • Physical Fatigue • Headaches • Muscular Aches and Pains • Repetitive Strain • Arthritis • Skin Imbalance • Appetite Imbalance.

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Hot Stone Massage

You can feel those aches and pains melt away with a Hot Stone Massage Therapy. Hot Stones have been used in massage for many centuries. Luxurious deep relaxation can be experienced with the Hot Stone Massage Therapy at Ellie's in The Round House in Melksham. A memory foam, warmed couch awaits you in the round house as your treatment is enhanced with aromatic aromas, harmonious music and light changing mood lighting which enhance this already holistic treatment. A full consultation is undertaken before commencing the treatment. Hot Stone Placements also available.
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Warm Bamboo

Warm Bamboo Massage is a deeply relaxing therapy that uses Warm Bamboo sticks of varying lengths to massage the body in a specific way to bring a feeling of blissful relaxation. Apart from the fact that it feels divine, the Bamboo Massage can also relieve deep muscular tension. Thought to have originated from Asia this treatment is fairly new to the UK, but is rapidly growing due to its positive effects partly due to the warm elements of the treatment that help melt away aches and pains.

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Indian Head Massage

Would you like a massage using a variety of pressure and techniques, including circular massage strokes on your scalp shoulders, and neck? An Indian Head Massage could be the relaxing treatment you are looking for.

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Oncology Massage

Would you like to feel pampered despite having cancer? Feel yourself relax on a heated, memory foam couch in the historic Round House in Melksham at Ellie's. The Oncology Massage technique is a very light massage and a full consultation will be undertaken to put together a plan of your personal requirements. Your massage can also be enhanced with Sound Healing if required. Call for a chat to find out more or book online.

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Private Sound Bath

Treat yourself to a deeply relaxing private sound bath at Ellie's Natural Health. You can then feel yourself melt into sonic bliss with the healing high frequency fusion of the Planet Gongs, Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls and other wonderful instruments releasing endorphins and contributing to cellular regeneration.

Aroma Sound Meditation is a deluxe combination of Aromatherapy Massage and Sound Meditation. Click here to book

Positive Vibes Mindfulness Session

Your beliefs control a range of various parts of your life from you health and well being, your finances and wealth right through to your love life. They can influence your everyday life and your ability to fail or succeed. The Postive Vibes Mindfulness Session allows you to clear limiting beliefs in your subconscious and integrate new life empowering beliefs.

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Pregnancy Massage

Are you pregnant but still wish to have a massage then Tessa is with us on a Tues and Thurs morning.

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Aroma Sound

This divine treatment combines Aromatherapy, Hot Stones and Sound Therapy. Your relaxation journey will begin with a back massage with Aromatherapy Essential Oils which are bespoke to you. The decidant heat from the hot stones will then be introduced and then finally the sound journey will begin with the amazing tones of the crystal bowls and the gongs and beyond
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Refleloxoy is a form of massage applied to pressure points on the feet. This treatment is availabe with Tessa on a Tues and Thurs Morning and with Tracey on Saturdays.
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Aroma Stone Massage and Facials

Imagine yourself in the ambient setting of the historical Round House in Melksham where a heated memory foam couch awaits you. You journey into bliss then begins with an Aromatherapy massage with Essential Oils blended to meet your specific needs. When you are starting to feel all the worry of the day melt away then you will be nutured even further with the thereuputic effects of the Hot Stones. Facials
Your facial will beging with the massaging of the wonderful Essential Oils of Frankinsense and Rose, which are well known for their beneficial effects on the skin, into your face and neck using various massage techniques. Hot Stones are then slowly introduced to enhance the facial even further and promote circulation in your face and neck. Click here to book


Price Match - If you find like for like massage treatments in Melksham that you feel are better value for money then contact us to see if we can Price Match for you!

Typical charges are as follows for all treatments:

10 - 15 Minutes - £15
25 Minutes - £22
30 Minutes - £26
60 Minutes - £40
75 Minutes - £45

Private Sound Bath £45

Use our therapy price tool below to see how much your bespoke therapy treatments with Lorraine will cost....

Total Cost £0.00
Medical permission must be sought before treating certain conditions such as recent operations (within 3 - 6 months depending on type of surgery) or if you are awaiting for surgery for a serious condition, Diabetes, Thrombosis or Recent Haemorrhage, Epilepsy, Recent Head or Neck Injury, ME, Heart Problems or High or Low Blood Pressure.

Also treatment cannot be carried out if you have a skin or scalp infection such as ringworm, scabies, lice, if you a pregnant, feeling unwell or have a temperature or headache.

Please call to cancel your appointment if you feel unwell or have a headache on the day of your appointment and we will reschedule.


Ready to take the next step to feeling better? Contact us today!

We will work with you to create a treatement plan that’s tailored to your needs and preferences.

FREE consultations and ongoing support available.

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We will help you to become deeply relaxed so that you can feel the benefits that this brings into your life.

Mix And Match Therapies. You can have more than one massage therapy in your treatment and you decide which areas you would like to be treated.


The Perfect Balance

Our mixture of Aromatherapy, Hot Stone and Warm Bamboo therapies can help eliviate the following:

  • Grief
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Anger and Fear
  • Insomnia
  • Physical Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscular Aches and Pains
  • Repetitive Strain
  • Arthritis
  • Skin Imbalance
  • Appetite Imbalance


Pop into Ellie's at the Round House in Melksham for your Perfect Pamper. Take a look at our packages below


  • Example 6 X 1 Hour Treatments = £225 (£45 Saving)
  • Example 6 X 15 Minute Treatments = £75 (£15 Saving)

Loyalty Scheme

  • Recommend 5 people. On completion of their treatments you will receive a free treatment.

Company Discounts

  • Do you want to keep your staff relaxed and happy so they can reach their full potential. We can offer Melksham based companies discounts for their staff members. Contact us on 01225 571010 to discuss.

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